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Mesothelioma T Shirt

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Sabtu, 05 Maret 2016

Mesothelioma Chest X-ray in patients with long cough

Mesothelioma obtained Chest X-ray findings with the history as follows:
age 56 years
Patients have a cough that has long suffered
After examination, it was shown as follows

The shape and size of a normal heart
The second looked normal lung apex
corakan bronchovasculer rough
Costophrenikus left and right tapered blunt
Costoprenikus right can not be assessed
looks radioopaque of the right lung

Chest X Ray findings:

Chest x ray for mesothelioma findings

At the screening program at a radiology clinic usa examples of cases in men age 40 with a chest x ray findings mesothelioma. 
X-Ray done Posterior anterior radiographic:

  • Looks lungs maximal inspiration
  • Looks great shape and normal Antung
  • Right Diafraghma kostae high as 11
  • looked sinus costae right phrenicus sudutnyatumpul
  • Looked right lung wall is coated by an opaque radio, which indicates signs of mesothelioma
  • Left lung is still within normal limits
Chest x ray findings PA
  • Mesothelioma

advice do CT Scan Thorax

Mesothelioma Chest X-Ray Findings in patients with cough and shortness of breath

In the afternoon the patient came kesebuah oncology clinic as recommended by general practitioners, general practitioners to provide medical records
then patients are advised to chest x ray examination of AP and lateral position.
Then the patient came to the poly radiology with a letter of referral from a doctor oncology, radiology technologyst later she met and was allowed to enter the examination room chest x ray.
After inspection chest x ray results are as shown below.

conclusions of radiology physician on chest x ray examination as follows.
The second looked apex still good
Sinus cothoprenicus not seem right while the left side is still good
Looks lung mass on the right with firm boundaries
conclusions recent findings:
Signs of mesothelioma
on lateral radiographs position clearly visible mass of firm boundaries

Mesothelioma chest X-ray findings above treatment should be done immediately for diagnosis lanjuta CT scan or PET / Surgery, but they all returned to the person who sent

Mesothelioma Chest X-Ray

Mesothelioma Chest X Ray Findings In patients with shortness of breath

Mesothelioma chest x ray (visible picture on the right mesothelioma, lung apex of the lung tissue still looks good, but at the right costophrenicus already covered by the shadow of a mass or tumor that indicate the presence of mesothelioma,
Mesothelioma chest x ray is very helpful for further examination and treatment).
Mesothelioma chest x ray visible on the green line, which extends down to the apex.
conclusions of radiographic above is mesothelioma
Mesothelioma Chest X-Ray are very often found in patients with a down economy, especially in developing countries and poor countries, cases of mesothelioma chest x rays are often found

Jumat, 04 Maret 2016

Mesothelioma chest x ray in relatively young patients

Looked a picture of a white mass covering the left cotopenicus
Looked left and up the walls of lung capillaries covered mass

apex right still looks pretty good
Left lung looks still good
The final conclusion:
Mesothelioma chest x ray PA

Mesothelioma picture chest x rays are clearly visible on the walls of the left lung which is indicated by a green circle.
Mesothelioma chest x ray with PA position is very clear on the true projection AP

Mesothelioma chest x ray on the left lung

The picture you can see that the picture below there are signs of mesothelioma.
Mesothelioma chest x ray there is a picture such as a mass meet cotophrenicus left sinus which include the presence of fluid.

Mesothelioma chest x ray aims are basic for the diagnosis of mesothelioma was first. with imaging, doctors will consider further action, the data Mesothelioma chest x ray helps the doctor who handles cases of mesothelioma.
picture above have a conclusion like this
Mesothelioma their chest x ray
The right lung is relatively good compared to the right
Overview minimal fluid in the sinuses cotoprenicus
final conclusion
Mesothelioma chest x ray